Visual Vignettes

Kahaluu Gallery & Gardens Story Blog

Forest Immersion

On this unique forest bathing experience, you’ll be guided on a gentle, mindful stroll through gardens designed and created by the late Hawai‘i artist Hiroshi Tagami.

Carefully Crafted Koi

One of Kenny Kicklighter’s most majestic pieces of art flirts with the beauty of nature. This breathtaking wall hanging takes 3 days to install panel by panel. Each rock panel is handcrafted to replicate black lava stone. If you don’t look close enough, one would...

Sneaky Shih Tzu

One of the fondest memories our family shares with Hiroshi Tagami involves our Shih Tzu, Boots. Hiroshi and his partner, Michael, had just finished packing and were headed back to their house on Maui. Hiroshi refused to leave the property because he was unable to find...

Rooted in Rummage

Sometimes the inspiration behind the art is what transforms a piece of just beauty into a piece with beauty and depth. The beginnings of a piece of art that sparks its creation can add a 4th dimension that cannot be mass produced or duplicated. Kenny Kicklighter’s...