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Shoplifting (Sneaky Shih Tzu)

One of the fondest memories our family shares with Hiroshi Tagami involves our Shih Tzu, Boots. Hiroshi and his partner, Michael, had just finished packing and were headed back to their house on Maui. Hiroshi refused to leave the property because he was unable to find his puppet “Chibi Chan.” Chibi Chan was a recurring friend of Hiroshi that made unwanted appearances against Michael’s wishes at various social events and dinner parties. Hiroshi insisted that Michael had taken his puppet in an attempt to finally discard the unwanted pest and refused to leave unless it was returned. After everyone dispersed to scour every inch of the property to find Hiroshi’s beloved friend, Chibi Chan was finally discovered, hidden in Boots’ bed, camouflaged amongst Boots’ doggie toys. Boots had seen Chibi Chan on top of Hiroshi’s suitcase and decided to take it as a parting gift.