Visual Vignettes

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Sometimes the inspiration behind the art is what transforms a piece of just beauty into a piece with beauty and depth. The beginnings of a piece of art that sparks its creation can add a 4th dimension that cannot be mass produced or duplicated. Kenny Kicklighter’s piece, “Running Horse” captures the concept of “rags to riches” when it started with him rummaging through pile of broken ceramic pieces cast aside. While the “glitz and the glam” of a finely crafted artisanal ceramic piece is alluring, there is something about art being created from once beautiful pieces with stolen valor that adds a special meaning behind the art. The multifaceted Kenny Kicklighter doesn’t just create works of art from crafting clean slabs of clay, but can command ravishing art pieces from the rubble of his errors. This piece reminds us that mistakes aren’t bad. Mistakes just tell us that this particular path wasn’t meant to be. If a mistake can create such beauty, shouldn’t we be inspired to embrace imperfections in our world?